Fashionista Daddy Historical Analysis

“Fashionista Daddy” was a Doritos advertisement played during the 2013 Super Bowl. The dad wants to watch the Super Bowl but the daughter wants him to play “princess” with her. Although the dad solely wanted to watch the football game, he was convinced with a bag of Doritos. When the mom returns home, she is seen carrying a bag of groceries as she comments on his friend wearing her wedding dress.

Doritos was first introduced by Frito-Lay about 50 years ago, during the Post War Era. Since then, they have used many forms of marketing techniques, such as celebrity endorsement and product placement. Doritos began to advertise in the Super Bowl in the 1990s and their advertisements has served both, informational and transformational functions. Not only were they successful in putting their product out there, but their advertisements have also reflected on the American culture and society. The portrayal of the daughter, father, and mother in “Fashionista Daddy” is a perfect reflection on the gender roles of an American household today. The father and his friends gathered to watch the Super Bowl – a male dominant sport and audience. Then, it demonstrates how playing princess is not something a father should do but then the father could not resist the temptation of Doritos. Once his male friends saw, they were shocked by the father’s subversion to gender roles. After they saw the Doritos, they not only forgot about the game, but also their gender roles as defined by society. If the father was the one carrying in the groceries or if the father had female friends too, it would’ve served as a different message and reflection on society today – a male dominant society where females play a domestic role. This advertisement plays on old and introduces new identities and lacks with voluntary associates – our place in society.

I also did notice that his male friends were very diverse and from different backgrounds. The message could be that no one, no matter what ethnicity, could resist the temptation of Doritos. Although this is an exaggerated claim, it was a good play done by Doritos in inserting this minor detail. The humor in this advertisement was very subtle. I personally found the ending to be humorous. This play on humor was done by the father’s bearded friend who wore the mother’s wedding dress and continued to eat the chips. Seeing him in a wedding dress was surprisingly humorous and it served as a good way to end the commercial. Humor is a huge characteristic of modern day advertisement and with this technique, advertisements are capable of leaving a lasting impression on viewers while serving it’s informational function, as with “Fashionista Daddy.” In addition, also used pathos and related the situation with Daddies across America.



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