Tampax Allows Women to Swim with Sharks.

Initially, this Tampax advertisement was banned from the United States, its popularity went viral in the spring of last year.  Although whimsical, humorous, and wrong on so many levels it is one of the more memorable Tampax ads in recent months.  Here, it is quite clear the emphasis is placed on the bold blonde wearing all white during her menstruation showing confidence, appeal, and overall reassures women they are indeed “safe” using this product.  On the other hand, the brunette placed in a black bathing suit is the unfortunate victim of a vicious shark attack for not using a Tampax.

This Russian advertisement does not need to be translated or interpreted in a deep theoretical manner instead, it is straight and direct to the point.  It is a recurring theme seen though various medias, white is synonymous with “good” whilst black is ultimately “bad.”  Here, the relevance is something recognizable to all women regardless of geography.  Meaning, all women menstruate but ultimately which brand of tampons “you” (a female consumer) are going to purchase differentiates you between this notion of good and bad.  “Advertising does not manipulate needs, rather it produces signs used in the new war of status competition and cultural consumption,” (Leiss, 87).  Tampax cleverly poses the question of who would you rather be, shark bait versus survivor.  This is evident throughout the clip due to the fact that women will always be in need of tampons until menopause, and if you are not using Tampax, an accident could happen.  With these factors in mind, women are inadvertently taught how to be a “woman” according to Tampax’s standard.  Next time a woman is in the feminine hygiene isle she will more than likely remember this clip and be willing to purchase Tampax vs. O.B.



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