Sprint “Everything’s Important” Ads

I especially enjoy this ad by Sprint because I think it is humorous and memorable. It is highly aware and self referential to its time. For its content, it pulls directly from absurd texts between two friends, unsure of whether they want to go out. It becomes humorous when read by two highly esteemed actors, James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell. The trivial nature of the texts becomes acutely apparent. Sprint further highlights this by titling the ad campaign “Everything’s Important.”

I believe this ad is a good example of the evolution of advertising. I have seen this ad many times and did not know the actual product Sprint was trying to sell until now. It is a new plan called “One Up” that is barely mentioned until the end of the spot. This ad works because it does so much more than just advertise the new plan. Instead it builds interest and reputation for a brand. It is part of a series that consumers can look forward to seeing other iterations of (from the same brand, of course). The ad also cleverly has the hashtag #honorthis attached to it.

In effect, it sells something other than what it is actually advertising. Much like how cable commercials are focused on selling ‘quality family time’ or how mattress ads display attractive couples cuddling, modern ads sell a brand or a lifestyle rather than the product itself. Ads have shifted from their earlier incarnations of being text based to being image based. Ads serve as inspiration for what a consumer wants their life to be, in this case by glorifying a trivial conversation that almost any young person has had.



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