Fashionista Daddy

Popularly considered to be the cutest advertisement of the 2013 Super Bowl, Doritos’ “Fashionista Daddy” shows the role of both parents in a typical American family. The dad wants to watch the Super Bowl but the daughter wants him to play “princess” with her. She is shown in a room full of “girl toys” such as stuffed animals, art on the walls, and a lot of pink. She is also dressed in a princess outfit with a tiara on her head, showing her desire to be considered a “princess” and demonstrating her passion for the fairytale fantasy. The dad solely wanted to watch football – a male sport, but he was then convinced with a bag of Doritos. Soon after, his male friends joined in playing “princess” as well. When the mom returns home, she is “nagging” at them and carrying a bag of groceries. This serves as another implication of women’s’ role in the domestic sphere and that women are fit for household chores. In this typical American household, the gender roles are reinforced.

Originally, this advertisement was very memorable because of its cuteness. After considering the context which revolves around gender identities, this advertisement has stuck with me since. In thirty seconds, it was able to not only advertise the product, but also speak out about stereotypical gender roles/identities.



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