Coca-Cola “Security Cameras” Commercial

The 85-second commercial features a series of moments of goodness captured from security cameras around the world (unknown whether staged or not, but the dates on the screen caps add legitimacy). Accompanied with each of these moments are witty captions like “People stealing…kisses,” “harmless soldiers,” “honest pickpockets,” “attack of friendship…love…kindness,” “friendly gangs,” et cetera, putting a twist on what is commonly associated with words like “steal,” “gangs,” and “attack” as well as the use of security cameras. Made to serve the purpose of surveillance, security cameras are particularly associated with crime, yet in this Coca-Cola commercial, they are used to show what people do when they do not realize they are being watched – resulting in something intrinsically genuine and compelling. The commercial shows people from different parts of the world expressing love to friends and lovers, helping strangers, and enjoying themselves by making the most of what they have – there is never a dull moment. Viewers are left feeling warm and positive with the commercial’s reminder of the goodness that exists in life (us). Regardless of geographic/cultural differences, the universal theme of kindness does not get old. As a part of a #sharethegood campaign, the commercial interpellates/invites/encourages viewers to reflect and share goodness with the question, “How do you #sharethegood?”

I intern at a processing company for advertising competitions and was watching the works of some of the past winners when I came across this Coca-Cola commercial. It tugged on my heartstrings from the start with the stealing kisses moment and with its use of wordplay. It has stuck with me because of its effective association with positivity and happiness. This successful commercial showcases simple goodness in a genuine way.

– Jennifer W.


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