AT&T TV Commercial – It’s Not Complicated “Werewolf”

This commercial is part of AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” campaign. The campaign features a series of advertisements in which kids, mostly under the age of 10, sit around a table with an actor named Beck Bennet who interviews them. Bennet’s questions are as simple as ‘what is better to have more or to have less?’ The premise of the campaign is that even children can comprehend why AT&T is better than the rest of its competitors; hence, “it’s not complicated.”

What made this commercial, and the rest that form part of the campaign, so memorable to me was the spontaneity of the children. After doing a bit of research on the campaign I learned that most of the children’s dialogues were not scripted and that most of the children were not actors, thus I became even more impressed with the quality of the advertisements. I think this is a very solid campaign because it accomplishes the purpose of selling the product while delighting the audience with funny and cute advertisements that stick around the viewers’ mind.

Nonetheless, from a moral point of view, I do find the use of children a bit problematic. Whenever I come across advertisements with either semi naked women or children I can’t help feeling a bit angered. The fact that advertising agencies take advantage of children’s innocence or objectify women in the name of profit is certainly frustrating even while I can certainly appreciate ads as a form of art that require a lot creativity.

Lia M-S.


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