Yoplait Light Yogurt

Yoplait Yogurt aired the above advertisement in early 2006, quickly generating a great amount of attention for its Light 100 Calorie product. The advertisement features a slender woman dressed in a bikini, anxiously emerging from a locker room, making her way along a beach boardwalk before reaching the beach. The commercial’s use of the 60’s song, “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini,” an undeniably catchy and playful tune, in conjunction with the actress wearing a bathing suit of the exact description produced a highly memorable clip. I found the song, and the image of the bikini, were trapped in my mind for days after first viewing the ad.

The woman’s journey from hiding in the locker room to full-body exposure on the beach was a bumpy one, as the red raft she used as a shield demonstrated an obstruction, blocking her path and proving she would be better off without it. At the end, she drops the deflated raft, her self-assurance slowly builds, and she reaches for the yogurt from her bag, smiling as she eats a spoonful. The result is a feel-good effect, suggesting a regular consumption of Yoplait Light yogurt, a low calorie product, would help consumers lose weight and feel confident. This was also reinforced by the last few-second clip of the physical container of yogurt molding to a feminine shape, mimicking the intended results.

The advertisement was cutesy, entertaining and utilized a subtle fear appeal, suggesting those who don’t consume low-calorie Yoplait won’t have the body, or the confidence, to stroll on the beach comfortably.

Victoria O.


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