U by Kotex: Reality Check

The advertisement above is a 46 second commercial from the feminine hygiene brand, Kotex that made its television debut in March 2010. The ad features a young woman sarcastically describing the relationship she has with her menstrual period. It begins with the woman describing the cheerful emotions she feels when she gets her period each month and is accompanied by visuals of girls happily twirling on the beach and colorful butterflies. The commercial then ends with her satirically thanking other tampon commercials for being so helpful in their ads.

This advertisement is memorable to me because it is one of the more relatable commercials to air on television within the last five years. Every woman knows that experiencing the stomach cramps, chronic headaches, and fatigue that comes with our monthly cycle is anything but pleasant. For a company like Kotex to address a sometimes-sensitive issue with such directness and humor is genius.

This Kotex commercial was the perfect way to introduce the ‘U by Kotex’ line of tampons, pads, and panty liners, which is specifically targeted at young women experiencing their period for the first time. Mocking the lighthearted yet absurd feminine care ads of the past shows young girls what they can really expect while older women can have a laugh contrasting the ads of then and now. Humor and familiarity are the two elements that make this advertisement so impressive and prove that being truthful is the best way to connect with your intended audience.



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