Revealing Real Beauty

This advertisement was released by Dove last April as part of the ongoing real beauty campaign. The youtube video rapidly became a viral sensation and has been viewed over 61 million times.  In this ad, Dove invites a range of women encompassing all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities and asks them to get friendly with a person they have never met and then describe their appearance to a FBI forensic sketch artist. Then the stranger, who has met each woman briefly, describes to the sketch artist the way they perceive the woman so the two sketches can be compared side by side.

This ad is memorable for me for a couple of reasons. First, it is completely unlike the typical beauty product ad. There are no stunning models photoshopped to look impossibly perfect flipping their hair, and giggling coyly. The ad is not intended to feature any particular Dove beauty product, and in fact not one dove product is shown in the whole video. The ad is intended to promote the Dove brand as a whole and the dove mentality of embracing real beauty. I found the video incredibly inspiring and shocking. While is widely known that women tend to be their own worst beauty critic, the video highlighted just how true this is. It shocked me to learn that only 4% of woman around the world consider themselves beautiful and this social experiment was visual evidence of just that fact. The tagline of the video was “you are more beautiful than you think” and this thought definitely stayed with me for a while after watching. I think it is wonderful when an ad can promote a positive mentality and even inspire change.

-Cari Lieberman


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