Home Sweet Home

This video is a TV commercial for Coldwell Banker Real Estate that was played during the 2014 Grammy Awards. The minute long ad features Motley Crue’s signature song, “Home Sweet Home,” played over a series of video clips of families and their pets returning to their homes.

What made this advertisement so memorable was that it was unlike any other real estate commercial; you didn’t know what was being advertised until the very end. With the upbeat Rock song, and heartwarming slow motion pictures, I was under the impression that the ad was for a car or a music product like Bose Speakers.

The award show was full of young pop music performances. This resulted in a majority of advertisements targeted towards teens and music fans. I saw commercials for Beats by Dr. Dre, CoverGirl with Katy Perry, and Chevy with John Legend. While these brands are not all music related, they have a young target market and have a presence in popular culture. Therefore, a real estate firm investing money to advertise during the Grammys seemed a little out of place and stood out to me.

What I learned from the commercial was that a national company like, Coldwell Banker, is looking to market to a new demographic by broadcasting on the Grammys. They chose scenes of people of all different ages and the classic Motley Crue song to appear hip, or cool. Licensing this song and airing the commercial during the Grammy Awards must have been costly for their company, although they must expect it to be worth the investment. This could perhaps suggest a change in the real estate economy.

After some research I found that the Coldwell Banker SVP, Sean Blankenship believes that “music and home certainly go together no matter where you are in the world and we believe we have found the appropriate major events to showcase the emotional value we place in our homes.” I feel that using this song turned a common (and boring) advisement on networks like HGTV into a fun, and entertaining moment during the Grammys.



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