Fiat Comes to America

This commercial, released in the summer of 2012, is part of an advertising campaign for the Fiat 500 car series. In this particular ad, Fiat 500 cars are seen driving throughout cities in their native Italy and then jumping into the ocean to cross over into America, where they enter various cities from San Francisco to Miami to Florida.

What makes this commercial so memorable is its clever originality. When the voiceover says that the Fiats are coming to America, he literally means they are coming to America. As if I didn’t already want to purchase this car, the commercial just confirms how awesome the car is and how much I want it. The purpose of an advertisement is to make you want to buy the product, and this particular commercial does just that by playing on the product’s strengths. It showcases the Fiat’s “hipness” and immediately appeals to a younger audience (it’s target audience) by including a catchy song by popular artist Pitbull. The commercial also emphasizes the product’s versatility in its ability to adapt its European class into the fun and fast-paced American lifestyle. Seeing this commercial, the young viewer is automatically drawn in by the cute versatile car that boats Italian class and quality–after all, the Italians are known for such things–while also showcasing its fun and flirty side. This ad almost makes you feel like you would be missing out on the party if you didn’t own a Fiat 500. In that sense, the commercial is very memorable and very successful, with nearly 4 million views.

-Vanessa Zdesar



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