Dodge Ram 2013 Super Bowl Commercial: “So God Made a Farmer”


This Dodge Ram 2013 Super Bowl commercial features a selection of Paul Harvey’s 1978 speech at the Future Farmers of America convention as the background to a slideshow of pictures depicting modern American farmers and rural life. The ad begins with a reference to the Biblical narrative of creation, found in the book of Genesis, stating “And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said “I need a caretaker” so God made a farmer” and continues on to explain all of the reasons that God needed farmers in the world.

This advertisement is very unique and there are several things that made it memorable for me. For one, there is no music. The only sound is Paul Harvey’s voice and it has the distinct imprint of being recorded in a time of older technology, which is immediately reminiscent of America’s simpler past. It is paired with contemporary photographs to suggest that farm culture is not only an important part of American roots, but also of America’s future. It speaks to a collective national identity that is revitalized every year during the Super Bowl.

The ad had me so wrapped up in the story and sentimentality that I forgot I was watching an advertisement until the second to last shot appeared, displaying the Dodge Ram truck on a farm with the text “To the farmer in all of us.” written in the sky above it. These final, unspoken words, help the ad achieve its function of modeling the “good life,” which it portrays as working hard, having a family, loving God, and being America.



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