AT&T: Basketball Legends

AT&T has gained plaudits for a series of commercials which star Beck Bennett and four cute kids. The ads drive the point home that “It’s not complicated” to understand why AT&T offers something better than its competitors. The kids are asked a simple question by Bennett,  – such as “what’s better, faster or slower?” with the answer being obvious enough for the kids to understand.

In this commercial, which AT&T aired during NBA and other basketball games, the kids are replaced with 4 NBA legends; Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, and Larry Bird. These former players have achieved amazing feats in the NBA and have tremendous ethos in the basketball community.

What makes this commercial so memorable is that twist on the common theme in AT&T’s marketing. In this commercial, a question like one that might be asked to the kids is asked to the former players; “What’s better, bigger or smaller?” The answer, as demonstrated by the height of the former players, is bigger. AT&T claims the USA’s largest 4g network.  Fans who recognize these icons can then laugh along as the much shorter Bennet tries to high-five the tall players. The combination of the recognizable basketball icons with the familiar structure of the commercial (with one big change) makes this commercial particularly memorable. One especially memorable aspect of the commercial is seeing the huge basketball stars sit at the table mainly used to seat the children. This makes the message “bigger is better” easy to remember.



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