Aflac boat commercial


This is an Aflac insurance commercial. In the advertisement the duck, a renowned symbol of the company, is trying to secure for each hole made on the boat to prevent the boat from sinking. The boat represents a regular household, and each hole represents a type of medical, financial, and daily insecurities that an average home may have. Each time the man wearing a cast brings up one life problem, the duck seals every hole even as to using his own beak to block water leakage.

This ad was memorable not only because of the appearance of Aflac’s symbol, but also because of how the commercial tried to convey the company’s perspective and goals through the use of the duck. The duck’s actions represent the company’s willingness to do anything for the security of its clients, and we see that the duck is blocking the water leakage even as to drowning himself, which could demonstrate a spirit of sacrifice that the company may uphold. Upon watching this advertisement, one may assume the level of commitment that Aflac has to helping the customers. Thus the viewers may obtain an image of trust, safeness, and solidity from the company.

It provides a content that is not only entertaining but also delivers a general explanation of the company’s purpose in a way that is easy for any viewer to understand. As opposed to many other ads that seek to be overly creative and profound, I like the simplicity and explicitness of this particular one. Sometimes simple advertisements could be more informative and efficient than an elaborate one. Also in my opinion, any animal related or children related advertisements often appeal to a more diverse range of audience.

– YouJeong Kim (June)


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