This commercial is one of many in the series of Progressive car insurance commercials.  This specific clip shows a man standing in the rain as his car breaks down.  He is speaking dramatically with a woman on the phone, who happens to be Flo, the face of Progressive’s television advertisements.  The two walk towards each other and attempt to solve the problem with the car, while simultaneously gazing into each others eyes as if in love. Flo then transitions into her normal, and fairly annoying character, and offers a rental car as a solution.



This commercial is very memorable for many reasons.  First and foremost, Flo is the protagonist in every Progressive commercial.  This continuity is key to their marketing strategy.  Secondly, Progressive commercials are shown frequently, and Flo’s character is very in your face.  Some may even say Flo is annoying, and people can often be found sighing, “ugh another Progressive commercial?”  However, this repetition is what makes the company so memorable.  Flo has become a figure on television that is so recognizable, and while the commercials are everywhere, they can be very funny and seemingly effective.  Lastly, the dramatic soundtrack makes this clip seem like a scene from a romantic film, but the contrast between the handsome male lead, and Flo, dressed in her Progressive white apron allows for some humor as well.  Progressive has made a name for themselves with their wit, and the use of the same female lead in each of their commercials.  Flo is memorable, therefore Progressive becomes memorable, too.  Placing the focus of the ad series on the lead character as opposed to the brand helps Flo to be relatable, and many customers trust Progressive because of Flo’s reliable character.

-Jackie Widmann


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