M&M “Love Ballad” Advertisement ft. Naya Rivera

           The advertisement below is an ad for the candy company, M&M’s.  It features a red M&M performing the song “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” originally by Meat Loaf.  While the song is playing, the commercial is showing us all the things that Naya Rivera is doing to the M&M that would be an exception to doing anything for love.

            This advertisement was memorable to me for a couple reasons.  The first reason is that it is for a brand that I am familiar with and can expect the advertisements to be funny. M&M’s has featured talking M&M characters on their commercials for a while, and they are usually entertaining. However, with the clutter of funny advertisements nowadays I sometimes tune M&M ads out just like other ads even if they are funny.  What made me remember this specific M&M advertisement was Naya.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of hers and I don’t watch Glee, but she looks so fabulous in the advertisement that it stayed in my head.  Additionally, the characters that Naya and the M&M play in this particular M&M commercial are funny.  The M&M plays a boyfriend role, stereotypically carrying Naya’s bags while she shops.  Naya plays the beautiful girlfriend who is constantly smiling and clearly oblivious to the complaints and pleas of the M&M. It’s funny because it somewhat mirrors a problem in real relationships where the girl is just so ditsy she smiles through everything.  It’s also funny because we realize how ridiculous it is having an M&M play someone’s boyfriend.

-Courtney Y


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