Despicable Me 2 Trailer Advertisement

In early 2012, Universal Pictures released a teaser trailer for Despicable Me 2, the sequel to the massively popular original Despicable Me. The trailer was the first of a series of almost mini-episodes based on the beloved yellow Minions that are recognizable around the world.

This teaser trailer served as an advertisement for a movie that wasn’t to be released for over a year. This ad is personally memorable to me, as I still remember watching it on Youtube in my freshman year dorm room after the link went viral on social media. It features a quartet of Minions giving a performance. I think it is also memorable because it doesn’t actually tell you what is going to happen in the sequel – only that there is going to be one. It served more as an announcement that the second film was happening, instead of your typical movie trailer, which gives away some of the plot line in the process. The Minions sing in their made-up language, but the song is discernible as a remake of “Barbara Ann” by The Beach Boys.

The song’s lyrics include common English words, the most notable being the word “banana,” which is a word and object that plays a significant role for the Minions in the movie. The Minions are arguably the most popular characters of the franchise, though they play relatively minor roles in the actual movies. They are the epitome of adorable and funny, and Universal made a smart move to solely feature the Minions in this ad, as it indicated that the Minions would play a larger role in the sequel. The ad is also impactful in content planning: after the Minions end their song, the only words that are heard are from the theme song – “Oh, despicable me…” – and the picture quickly switches to a simple, large number 2, which then segues into the year 2013. There is an air of mystery created as there are minimal details given away.

– Natalie VJ


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