“J’adore” Charlize

This 2011 advertisement of the J’Adore fragrance by Christian Dior, shows actress/model Charlize Theron as she is making her way through a backstage set filled with models and older Hollywood icons as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly in order to appear on the runway on time. The beautiful blonde actress, running late,slips incognito into a fashion show at Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors and the ad perfectly shows the energy and hectic pace of a high-scale fashion show.

What makes this ad memorable to me, is the impressive location it was filmed. It is said to be filmed at the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and thus combines both high fashion and history in a single production. The location, as well as the selection of one of the most beautiful women (in my opinion) in the world, who ends up wearing a perfectly fitted gold gown made me want to watch the ad over and over again when seeing it for the first time. The colors are mostly shades of gold and create a luxurious vibe. The use of the track “Heavy Cross” by The Gossip as the main music is also something that makes it stand out. The use of attractive women throughout the ad encourage the purchase of the product and we could say that J’Adore appeals to women of different ages as a result of the ads’ use of both present day celebrities (Charlize Theron) and iconic Hollywood celebrities (Marilyn Monroe).

I was not the only person to consider this ad very hard to forget. I remember my friends in Greece as well as many girls here at NYU always refer to Charlize Theron as a “goddess” in the J’adore commercial when discussing who we think the prettiest celebrity is.

-Natalia K.


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