Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Puppy Love”

I first saw this commercial for the 2014 Super Bowl on the Today Show and it instantly became my favorite.  It shows a best friend relationship between a puppy and a horse, and they won’t let anything get in the way of them being together.  It takes place at a puppy adoption farm, and one puppy seems to escape any tie he has the chance to go see his buddy the horse.  Once the puppy is finally adopted the horses chase down the car until the puppy is returned to the farm and the two animals can be together again.

This commercial is memorable because it is so sweet and makes everyone watching it smile.  There is such a dichotomy between the tiny puppy and the huge horse, yet they still share a special bond and express their desire to be with each other in the only way they know how.  It just makes everyone want to say, “Awww!” and watch it over and over again.  The hit song, “Let Her Go,” also fits perfectly into the commercial and into the storyline.  People will definitely remember this commercial by the song choice, the adorable animals, the heartwarming animal friendship and the “feel-good” content.



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