Absolute Liberty with Alexis Bittar

bittar2     Alexis Bittar 2012

  Advertising is generally deemed as a force that sets societal standards for how one should behave, act, and/or dress if one wishes to properly adhere to the norm.  These ads, particularly when pertaining to fashion, are typically filled with stick-thin models living the high life supposedly brought about by their serious beauty and the product they happen to be wearing.  A 2012 advertisement for the high-end jewelry designer Alexis Bittar did no such thing.

  Peppered throughout New York City and still widely popular today, the advetisment features the stars of the hit British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous posing with champagne, whimsical faces, and New York gear as well as the actual Alexis Bittar merchandise.  What is so striking about this ad, aside from the fact that the product itself is barely apparent due to the sheer personality of the two women posing, is the type of women they both happen to be.  The actresses, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, are both in their fifties, thus being vastly different from a fashion world dominated by youthful imagery.  Not only that, but both are older women advocating a hedonistic, partying lifestyle usually reserved for those in their twenties.  For those familiar with the show, this is exactly who their characters are: older women infamous for their selfish actions and petty, materialistically-obsessed ways.  However, as opposed to both women appearing pathetic and desperately clinging to their youth, they are in fact attractive with their Devil-may-care expressions and overall lack of taking themselves too seriously.  Even in the show the two women are funny and endearing as opposed to ridiculous.

  Many people are known to believe that beauty and fun are factors that diminish with age’s progression.  Alexis Bittar’s advertisement, in capturing the concept behind Absolutely Fabulous, proves that sentiment wrong.  It is a consistent attitude of living life to the fullest which brings about beauty, no matter how old one may be.  This is what makes the ad so memorable and attractive, and hopefully such a concept will continue to be promoted in not only Bittar’s business, but various other advertising campaigns.


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