Heroic Women for Microsoft

I first saw this ad while watching the Golden Globe awards a few weeks back. I was stunned to see so many important women together in one ad and wondered what the ad was for as I waited for it to end. Still today I don’t see the ‘great’ connection between Microsoft, who the ad was for, and the women depicted within it.

These heroic women show what spirit, courage, and perseverance can achieve. May their bravery inspire us in 2014 and beyond.”


The above quote was taken from the description of the video posted on the Microsoft YouTube page where I found the video. The video depicts a few of the women that made headlines ‘round the world because of some brave act which distinguished them from all other women at the time. Whether swimming in shark infested waters at over 50 years of age without protection (Diana Nyad-0:24), or risking your life to say that women deserve the same education that men get and later winning the fight to keep that life after it was nearly taken from you (Malala Yousafzai-0:04), these women stood out to the whole world.

In my culture and in my family women are very strong, they are ambitious, brave, brazen, as well as kind and loving. This is not to say that the first thing I thought when I saw this video was of my mother or an aunt, but strong women is something I have grown up admiring and aspiring to and seeing brave women on screen made that aspiration much stronger. I think women and women’s roles are undervalued in this and many other societies around the world, seeing this ad praise women for acts everyone can say are acts of valor was refreshing and inspiring to me and this is why this advert has stayed with me ever since.

Advert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyB7bzYRoqY


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