May the ad be with you

This is an example of what you should do for your initial blog post. You should embed an image or video of an ad you mentioned as being memorable to you. I’ve chosen this one that aired during the Super Bowl of 2011:

Your image or video should hyperlink back to the source where you found it. Alternatively, you may include the source in a caption. Try to find the original source of the ad (like a company website or YouTube account) rather than a random blog or Google Image search page.

In addition to embedding your ad, you should provide a brief description of its content. You should also explain what makes the ad memorable for you. The text of your post should be around 250 words. The post should be free of typographical, grammatical, and formatting errors. Please sign your post with your name or initials so that I can give you proper credit when I grade it. To be eligible for full credit, your post must be published to the class site (not your own personal WordPress blog) by 11:59pm on Sunday.

Prof P-S


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